Thursday, October 31, 2013

Dublin City Marathon..Take 3

So another year and another Dublin Marathon, this being my third Dublin Marathon I was determined to get sub 3:30 and I felt reasonably confident i could pull things off this year.

I was queuing for the loo for ages and this made things a bit awkward for getting to the start line on time, I did just about make it and push in to the 3:30 area but I was at least 2-3min behind where the 3:30 pacers would actually be.

So until just before the Phoenix Park I was playing catchup with the pacers, as the miles went on I figured I could comfortably hit 3:28.

However, I got too confident and I ended up ahead of the pacers until almost mile 20. Started to struggle after 20 and ended up walking for the first time at mile 23. 

Finish time of 3:33:33 in the end so abit disappointed but not as bad as I thought it would be as the finish clock was showing nearer to 3:36

Atleast this time around I ran into issues at mile 23 instead of mile 18 so my endurance is improving when it comes to running a marathon at a faster place.   I'll defiantly get under 3:30 in 2014 and maybe even closer to 3:20! 

Finish time: 3:33:33
Garmin log of the run.