Friday, February 12, 2021

Thats got to hurt!

I've noticed over the past few runs that despite my Saucony Liberty ISO 2 only being new since Christmas and only having about 250miles in them they let in water much more then any previous shoe I've owned. I don't even need to run through a puddle for my right foot in particular to be soaked! All very annoying..

On Sunday I headed out for a 9mile run and I brought Daniel in the running buggy we picked up, I found about half way into the run that I got a slight pain in my back.   I didn't think much of it, I've had this sort of thing now and then over the years.

I was very wrong this time, by the time I got home I was crippled and struggled to take off my top when changing.   I've had a good few sleepless nights since due to this back pain but it has mainly sorted itself and I only feel discomfort now and then when I move a certain way.

Fortunately it isn't hurting me while running normally, clearly the whole issue was caused by my running form with the buggy.