Friday, October 28, 2016

Chancing a new PB...?

So I've been taking it pretty easy this past week, some easy 3-4 mile runs but nothing much else especially as I just started a new job this week as well.

Tomorrow I'm up bright and early to go to the RDS ahead of the Dublin Marathon on Sunday, I'm thinking that I might put myself in with the sub 3:30 pacers and try beat my PB of 3:33:33 set back in 2013. It's not too ambitious and I'm pretty confident I'll pull off the new PB.

Here goes nothing.....

Friday, October 21, 2016

Things are on the up!

First off, its been ages since I've posted an update!
Nice clear day for a 16mile run

But at least this time its good news as after several dry needling sessions with my local sports physio (Bodymend) and some shorter runs and also cycling now and then I feel I'm finally coming back to form!

So much so that I even did a 20mile run last Friday morning and I managed a 16mile run yesterday morning, the 20mile last week was my longest distance I've done since doing the Connemara 100 at the start of August.

For anyone that has previously read my previous posts you might be aware that I did sign up to Dublin Marathon this year, however unlike last year where I aimed to knock 13min off my PB by aiming for sub 3:20 this year I'm not trying to do anything like that. Especially considering the injury issues I experienced after last year!

I've learned a very hard lesson after last years100mile, althoughI did do a cracking PB on a half-marathon in September  I ended up off the road after the Dublin Marathon because I didn't respect just how much recovery time I might need after the 100mile.

So this year with the 100mile being 2 months closer to Dublin then last year I really need to not fall into the same trap or I risk being off during through November, December and into January like last year due to injury.

So I'm taking it easy next weekend :)