Wednesday, August 28, 2019

A little bump on the way to a routine

No sooner had I thought things were going well and I hit a slump,
Last Thursday the 22nd I went out for what should have been a 17mile LSR, however 2miles in I just wasn't feeling it and running was really an effort and the legs didn't feel right at all so I ended up walking.

Not to write the entire plan off I ended up walking from around mile 2-3 all the way to mile 11 when I finally got home,

Took two rest days after that and rolled my legs on Saturday and on Sunday morning things were starting to feel so much better and I managed a fairly respectable paced 3mile run on Sunday morning before work.

Monday was my day off and I had to get the car serviced and the timing belt done so I dropped the car to the garage and then ran the 7miles back home, saved me getting somebody to collect me and I pushed the pace on the route even though it was hillier then my usual routes!

Tuesday was back to another 7.5miles in order to collect the car from the garage, much harder when you've worked the day and your legs are tired from pushing the pace the day before.

Thursday: 11miles @ 14:18min/mile
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Rest
Sunday:3miles @ 7.10min/mile
Monday: 6.41miles @ 7.10min/mile
Tuesday: 7.57miles @ 7.38min/mile

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Getting back into a routine!

It's been ages and I still have some race reports to post (have to finish them!) but I figured I really need to get back into a routine with this running lark.   The past few weeks I've been fitting back into a morning run routine, its involved getting up at between 5-6am depending on my work start time but I feel better for it so its worth it.

Currently I have no races planned or booked and due to holidays and other commitments September isn't workable so I'm unable to do any of the half-marathons I'd otherwise like to do next month, I also didn't have much luck getting into the Dublin Marathon this year.   But I will still get some very different running in come September so I'm looking forward to that (more to follow on that)

The lack of a more structured running routine and lack of focus due to lack of races is very much missed so I really need to change that, not least because of put on a few lbs which I could do without.

The past few mornings have been fairly good and I even managed a 11mile run, at the weekend to shake things up a a little and to make a change from running on my own I decided to opt to join Kings River A/C on their long run last Saturday, it was certainly enjoyable to run with a group again and to run a route I hadn't done before so I'll likely join them again for future runs.

Last 7 Days Of Runs:
20th August: 8miles @ 7.27min/mile
19th August: 3miles @ 7.59min/mile & 7.4mile cycle
17th August: 11.37miles @ 9.43min/mile
15th August: 11miles @ 7.42min/mile
14th August: 5miles @ 8.40min/mile