Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Some fundraising and virtual races

Over the past number of months I've been doing some virtual races, nothing too fancy but just stuff to get me out the door at times.

So far I've done the Centurion One Love Half Marathon and San Francisco Half Marathon back in Feb, will say I do like the San Francisco long sleeve top!

But for more of a challenge I've also signed up to some marathons in the coming months, October in particular is going to be likely extremely busy with the London Marathon, Boston Marathon and Dublin Marathon (Dublin hasn't been confirmed yet as virtual).

But before any of that I have the Centurion Running One Community 100mile starting this Friday the 2nd April and running until the 8th April.

It's going to be a challenge as I have to cover an avg of 14miles per day to complete this and the the highest miles I've covered in a week since October is around 50miles!

To put my effort to good use I've decided to raise money for PAWS Animal Rescue who is situated not far from where I live, PAWS does great work in relation to animal rescue, and they rely heavily on donations from the public to carry out their work.

In addition our two lovely lurchers Buffy and Khaleesi were rehomed from PAWS, and myself and Grace  always try to support them each year with birthday fundraisers and by donating whenever possible.

Khaleesi & Buffy

My fundraising is purely on Facebook so for anyone that is friends with me on Facebook if you could please donate anything I would much appreciate it.  However if you'd like to donate directly you can visit

Friday, February 12, 2021

Thats got to hurt!

I've noticed over the past few runs that despite my Saucony Liberty ISO 2 only being new since Christmas and only having about 250miles in them they let in water much more then any previous shoe I've owned. I don't even need to run through a puddle for my right foot in particular to be soaked! All very annoying..

On Sunday I headed out for a 9mile run and I brought Daniel in the running buggy we picked up, I found about half way into the run that I got a slight pain in my back.   I didn't think much of it, I've had this sort of thing now and then over the years.

I was very wrong this time, by the time I got home I was crippled and struggled to take off my top when changing.   I've had a good few sleepless nights since due to this back pain but it has mainly sorted itself and I only feel discomfort now and then when I move a certain way.

Fortunately it isn't hurting me while running normally, clearly the whole issue was caused by my running form with the buggy.

Friday, January 29, 2021

Three Races and a Baby

We're into 2021 and unlike 2020 where this time last year I was planning on doing Tralee Marathon, Cork Marathon, Kilkenny Medieval Marathon and Dublin Marathon as an initial plan I'm going on the assumption that none of these will actually happen.

I do actually have an entry for 2021 Dublin Marathon but funny enough I'll go on the assumption that with covid they won't be allow 16,000 odd people to hang out in Dublin at the same time on the same section for street.

So I've began the year by signing up to a few virtual races, so far I have:

- Kaiser Permanente San Francisco Half Marathon - Complete between 7th Jan - 7th Feb
- Centurion Running One Love Half Marathon - Complete 13/14th Feb
- Centurion Running One Community 100mile - Complete 2nd - 8th April

The first two races are just a half marathons so nothing special and while I likely won't do a PB I'll still push myself a little more on the runs then a normal long run, but the third is a seven day event where I have to cover 100miles which averages out at about 14miles a day which will be a challenge.

I've started recently to do back2back long runs on my weekends, for example last weekend was 14/18miles and it brings back memories of the times I was doing 20/30miles back in 2016/2017. It does get easier!!!

The last time I had done a back2back run was for the virtual Dublin Half/Full marathon in October which I didn't realise you had to do both within 24hrs of each other when I signed up.   The legs felt it doing the half marathon on day 2.

To add to the above challenge we now also have Daniel who was born in October shortly after I ran the two Dublin virtual runs last year so trying to work, look after Daniel and do 2hrs plus of running a day for an entire week will be a challenge, but I'll give it a go anyway.