Thursday, July 28, 2016

The countdown is on!

So where have the updates been lately, well I've been on holidays in Canada the past few weeks but I'm still running Connemara 100 next week.

I'm currently in the process of (hopefully) sorting a support crew and will begin sorting stuff I need during for the race this week, after that I'll be taking the long drive from Kilkenny to Clifton next Friday and I'll be at the starting line next Saturday (6th August) morning at 6am.

There's 26 brave souls taking part in the 100mile race this year and I'm just crazy or stupid enough to be one of them.  

Like so many races I am of course having doubts, I felt the exact same before this years Vartry 50mile but yet I actually felt far better during Vartry in 2016 then I did doing the race in 2015 so go figure!.

For those following me on Facebook I'll be asking my crew to post updates during the race when they get the chance.

Its going to be an experience!