Sunday, July 7, 2013

10 Marathons in 10 Days - Day Three...the aftermath

So early start for the day of the marathon and had a 2hour+ drive ahead of me to get to Sixmilebridge....this perhaps was not the best preparation before such a run.

Arrived much earlier then I had planned and in-line with recent weather you could tell it was going to be a hot hot day and this was going to be an issue for me later in the day.

Although it was a very hot day I figured I'd try to get into the 3:40's and hope for the best. The heat was a big worry for me as 1. I burn like crazy and 2. No matter how many times I've run in any sort of heat I always fall apart very quickly.

Things however surprised me and the first half actually went pretty well,
First Half

However, as you can see from the miles things went quickly down hill on the second half of the marathon to the point where I ended up walking a number of times and was still experiencing muscle pain in my left leg.
Second Half
While not as bad as Portumna its clear the damage I did to my muscle during the Cabot Relay is very much still a factor.

I was glad as hell to get to the finish line and the plastic tub full of water was very much welcome to try cool down and relax the muscle's abit.

Finish time: 4:08:00
Garmin log of the run.

Friday, July 5, 2013

10 Marathons in 10 Days - Day Three

So after the disaster that was Portumna I'm still going ahead with 10-in-10 Day Three Marathon event in Co Claire tomorrow, although the event is for 10 marathons I could only manage to fit in one this week.

My original aim was to aim for 3hrs 30min during the event in order to set a new PB, but due to the issues in Portumna and lack of training I'd say I'll be lucky to hit even near Dublin 2012's time of 3hrs 41min.

Not what I had hoped for when I signed up to the event a few months back but I'm still going to enjoy it as best I can.   My aim is to try keep a average pace of perhaps 8:40min/mile and see how things progress.

The fun starts at 2pm tomorrow,