Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Dry needling fun

Still not a whole lot of running these days as I'm still experiencing a fair bit of muscle problems, however after two sessions of dry needling by my local sports physio and my legs are starting to feel like normal again.

Still, I'm not going to get carried away, I'm starting off slow with only 1mile yesterday and 3miles today until things start to feel right again. After both runs I do a lot of stretching and rolling with a tennis ball which helped enormously.

In hindsight I should have had some sessions with the sports physio after Connemara 100, I also should have known that suddenly stopping for almost two weeks after such a big event was not a very good idea as historically my leg muscle don't like this as they tend to seize up somewhat and it would have been better for me to keep doing a small amount of running.  

It is however a catch 22 situation as I need to allow blisters to heal and running after the 100mile wouldn't have helped them heal.

Luckily i know that the dry needling does work for me even though its not the most pleasant sensation getting it done, I hope to be back to daily running in the next week or so.