Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Visit to sports injury clinic and some cross country

Last week I paid my first ever visit to a sports injury clinic ( and I have to say it was worth it, one visit won't solve issues...far from it but it certainly did help and give alot of relief and I have a rough plan on how I hope to get things back on track.

The week was less productive then the week before (36miles versus 31miles) but still far from the target miles I should be hitting at this stage and also the types of runs I want to be doing at this stage.

I did however take part in my first ever cross country run last Sunday.....was this a good idea?, well, perhaps not. But the team was short a man and I didn't want to chance doing a 20mile run yet so it was a good alternative I suppose.

Soon after I arrived at the race I discovered that when I previously ran the Stook 10mile in November the team I was running for placed so I got a medal for that, that was an unexpected surprise which I never knew anything about.

After a quick warm up I headed out for the 8km Intermediate and watched as most of the runners went off far ahead of me, I'll be honest I didn't expect this as I thought I'd be able to keep something even resembling a reasonable pace but the best I managed was a 7min/mile pace for one of the miles.

My average pace overall was 7:33min/pace, but the affort felt like I was running a 6:40min/pace which was pretty demoralising considering I've been able to maintain a avg 7min/pace for 13miles but yet here I was struggling to maintain even 7:33min/pace for just 5miles!

In the end I was a good 300metres off catching the next runner and when I finished there was two other guys behind me, it felt like a disappointing experience for me but the team still placed silver so its not all bad I guess.

Last weeks runs broke-down as:
- Monday: 10.92miles @ 7:57min pace
- Tuesday: Rest
- Wednesday: 11.10miles @ 8:38min pace (Sports Injury Visit)
- Thursday: 3.03miles @ 9:41min pace
- Friday:Rest
- Saturday: Rest
- Sunday: 5.03miles @ 7:33min pace (Cross Country)

Weekly Total: 31 miles
Miles This Year: 282 miles

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Back on the roads....if abit slow

After almost two weeks off running due to being sick and having joint pain I'm now back on the roads, things aren't 100% yet but certainly a vast improvement.

Last week was a week of if' in if I run will I make things worse, if I run anyway faster will it make things worse and so on.   So on that basis I've been taking it pretty easy with some very handy runs during the week and also some rest days with just some walking.

Things are improving thankfully and my left quad isn't as sensitive as it was and overall my joints are feeling better day by day. However I'll need to keep a close eye on things and I can still feel my quad on every run and also this is changing my running style abit which in turn is affecting my right left.

Last weeks runs broke-down as:
- Monday: 4miles @ 9:16min pace
- Tuesday: 3mile walk
- Wednesday: 12miles @ 9.06min pace
- Thursday:5.06miles @ 9.27min pace
- Friday: 5miles @ 9.11min pace
- Saturday:3.12miles @ 10.48min pace
- Sunday:3.69 @ 25.17min pace

Weekly Total: 36 miles
Miles This Year: 254 miles

Saturday, February 7, 2015


Not much to report for the past two weeks as I've been sick. Seems to be some sort of viral thing and its affecting some of my joints making them pretty painful at times I'm also pretty tired.

I've been off work trying to recover, not much I can do other then that. Pretty frustrating as missing out on alot of training.

Weekly Total: 0 miles
Miles This Year: 215 miles