Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Some Cycling & Running

It's been awhile since I've posted any updates and thats because I've been taking it so very...very easy.

Lately I've been doing a mix of shorter runs and cycling to keep things ticking over, I did do the JJ Ready 10km in September and while I pulled off a very respectable time of  43:33 I think going into it I might have been getting sick as I ended up off work with a chest infection which was a pain.

I did my longest run since the 100mile back in August last Sunday when I did a 10mile run but I have been regularly doing 10-16mile spins on the bike before work to maintain some level of fitness. To make the morning spins more comfortable I even picked up some over shoes in Aldi, they were well worth the buy.

This weekend I'm planning for a 15-20mile run as I'm very mindful that dispite my lack of running lately I've still paid to run the Dublin Marathon at the end of October so I still need to run that one way or another.

When I've not been running lately I've been busy brushing up on my woodwork skills by building a Little Free Library which I've put up outside our house, it's proven pretty popular with people.