Sunday, February 28, 2016

Welcoming back the bigger miles!

Tuesday's 20mile route
The last 7 days have been a high mileage week and it felt good to be back into the 50's, while I didn't run everyday I double my mileage when compared to numerous recent weeks.

I did my second 20mile since October 2015 during the week and it certainly went much better then the first I did, I also just pushed it to just short of 21miles. My next long run will be 26miles in around 7 days time.

On Thursday I foolishly tried for a 5mile run after a big'ish meal, this wasn't the best plan and I just ended up walking some of it, but I finished with a much stronger 10mile run on Friday evening with a nice 1mile recovery afterwards.

Not to overdo it, next week will be much easier but with some speed work and then its back to another higher mileage week again which will include the 26mile run.

Last week consisted of:
- Sunday: 5.21miles @ 7:58min/mile pace & 310miles @ 25:14min/mile pace
- Monday: 10miles @ 8:02min/mile pace
- Tuesday: 20.78miles@ 9:53min/mile pace
- Wednesday: Rest
- Thursday: 5miles @ 10:20min/mile pace
- Friday: 10miles @ 7:28min/mile pace & 1mile @ 8:37min/mile pace
- Saturday: Rest

Miles This week: 55.11 miles
Miles this Year So Far: 250miles

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Getting back into the groove!

Starting to feel like I have my mojo back when it comes to running, I'm back to running 10miles at sub 7:30min/mile pace again and it feels great!  Still have some weight to shift which I gained over Oct-Jan but that will come as the miles increase over time.

I started last week with a really enjoyable loop of Slievenamon where I ran with a group from the South Leinster Trail Runners, certainly more enjoyable to run this type of trail with a group and it makes the time go a bit faster.  I also didn't suffer anywhere near as bad compared to when I ran the same loop two weeks previously.

After that I took it "relatively" easy during the week between rest days and a 10mile and 4.5mile run to finish with a faster 10mile run on Friday.   Next week however is going to see a big increase will mileage.

Last week consisted of:
- Sunday: 12.46miles @ 14:11min/mile pace
- Monday: Rest
- Tuesday: 10miles @ 7:36min/mile pace & 1mile @ 9:41min/mile pace recovery
- Wednesday: 4.57miles @ 8:16min/mile pace
- Thursday: Rest
- Friday: 10miles @ 7:25min/mile pace
- Saturday: Rest

Miles This week: 38.08 miles

Monday, February 15, 2016

Slievenamon Circuit Video

So recently I picked up a GoPro Session and I finally got to have a decent outing with it over the weekend when I joined a group run with the South Leinster Trail Runners to do a loop of my local favorite mountain Slievenamon.

Its my first attempt at editing video footage together and I've already learned a few things in relation to managing the camera better for future use.