Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Structure Part II

Another week of trying to get some structure back into my weekly running, oh how I miss 2014, 2015 and 2016 where I was doing 5-6 runs a week!

So first thing first, I need to look after my legs so after a very mixed run on Sunday where I did some intervals I rolled the legs Sunday night and headed out for the first of my early morning runs last week.   Not particularly interesting as I choose to run out the Kilkenny Road and Back, its not a relaxing route as commuter traffic passes but I just wanted a simple out a back run.

Monday and Tuesday runs were just to settle back into some sort of sub 8:00min/mile pace comfortably.

For Wednesday I wanted a change and I wanted to get back to my normal running routes so I headed out for an 8mile loop which comes back by the new line, this is one of my favourite routes to run when the roads aren't busy. But, it's not to everyone's like as it involves a 3mile dead-straight stretch of road coming back to Callan.

One thing I need to work into my structure is interval work, I bloody hate doing it but every time I do it I always note an overall improvement in my pace and as I want to get the pace down to sub 7:00min/mile which I was regularly doing this time last year on the newline loop its something I just have to suck up and do.

Keeping that in mind that's exactly what I decided to do on Thursday morning and took a rest on Friday before finally doing a nice fast run on the same route as Wedneday.

All in all not a bad week to begin with!

Last weeks training was

Sunday: 3.16miles @ 9:23min/mile (Intervals and walking)
Monday: 5miles @ 7:52min/mile
Tuesday: 4miles @ 7:57min/mile
Wednesday: 8miles @ 7:49min/mile
Thursday: 2.33miles @ 9:07min/mile
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 8miles @ 7:23min/mile