Friday, July 5, 2013

10 Marathons in 10 Days - Day Three

So after the disaster that was Portumna I'm still going ahead with 10-in-10 Day Three Marathon event in Co Claire tomorrow, although the event is for 10 marathons I could only manage to fit in one this week.

My original aim was to aim for 3hrs 30min during the event in order to set a new PB, but due to the issues in Portumna and lack of training I'd say I'll be lucky to hit even near Dublin 2012's time of 3hrs 41min.

Not what I had hoped for when I signed up to the event a few months back but I'm still going to enjoy it as best I can.   My aim is to try keep a average pace of perhaps 8:40min/mile and see how things progress.

The fun starts at 2pm tomorrow,

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  1. Well done Barry. Get in some proper training for Dublin and don't compromise ........