Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Not according to plan

A very mixed bag the last few weeks, training has not being going as well as I would have liked as there's been a distinct lack of good quality back2back long runs and also runs of 30miles or more and this concerns me alot.

The last few weeks I've had problems again with muscle pain in my left leg and because this has affected my gait I know have a blister that just won't heal on my left foot also.   At present I'm having good days and bad with both of these issues.

Whats slightly worrying is less then two weeks from now I have the Vartry 50mile race to do and I'll be honest, I don't feel like I've had adequate training for it which is pretty concerning.  Between being sick at the start of Feb and the muscle pain I've experienced its not making the training easy.
Given the mix of running the last few weeks I'm not going to list each run, instead here's the total miles so far.

Miles This Year: 500 miles


  1. Hi Barry. Your absence from running is very noticeable. I hope you recover quickly but if you have to pull back from your goal races there is no shame in it. Nevertheless wishing you all the best

    1. I've been running but just no high miles. I've also not been updating dailymile much the past few weeks....even though I'm still running.

  2. Barry, there is no need to panic. You have done some good training, which will still stand you well even if the last few weeks were not quite what you had planned. Remember, training works cumulatively.

    As for feeling unprepared, I have yet to run an ultra that I have felt fully prepared for, and I've done a fair few of those, including some half-decent ones.

    So, basically, stop worrying.

    1. Thanks for the reassuring words, the frustrating thing is up until the start of Feb I very much felt prepared and even compared to last year I felt prepared for Connemara Ultra and for Portumna 100km.

      Guess I'll just have to see how things go at Vartry at the weekend, it'll be a good test.