Friday, June 22, 2018

The Mile Marker (Danesfort) 5mile Race Report

Everyone ready to go!
Due to having one of my days off as Friday I decided that I'd run a 5km race up near Ballingary, at least that was my plan until the start of last week and my day off shifted from Friday to Sunday and I instead ending up working until 8pm. So that meant no 5km race anymore.

Still, all was not lost because a local race The Mile Marker was instead being held less the 10miles away on the Sunday at 12pm and it had distance choises of 5mile or 10mile so I opted for my first 5mile race.

While I've done plenty of marathons & ultras I've done hardly any short distances such as 5km, 10km etc and this would be my very first 5mile so I was interested to know what time I'd get.

This race was being advertised as a fast and flat race but I'm not so sure, I'm used to flat as afterall I run around Callan and most roads around here aren't very hilly.

The race started outside the primaryschool in Danesfort and then head up towards the Kells/Kilkenny road, this is where the small hills on this course were encountered. After that it was a turn right and another turn right onto the Danesfort/Kilkenny road and then back to the primary school. basically one large square course.

Throughout only two people past me so I kept an even fast pace, the last mile however felt like a flog to the finish.

As I approached the finish line my stitch was very far from pleasant at this stage but I knew I could manage under 34minutes and i got in under the line in 33:44:43. Finishing 10th overall out of 208 and finishing 8th male. Overall not a bad outcome :)

Race results found on popup races.

The Mile Marker (5mile Race) finish line
Race route found here.

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