Saturday, September 8, 2018

Finally a race!

So I have finally booked my next race and its this Saturday the 15th in Kilkenny City, it's also a marathon!

I've not run a marathon as a race event in some time, while I had planned to run the Waterford Marathon the race organisers cancelled it because of heat during the summer which was awfully disappointing and frankly I think it was a overreaction.  It was also likely due to them choosing a poor route which they knew they could not provide adequate first aid support on due to the narrowness of the Waterford greenway.

After doing the Tullamore Half marathon I decided that since I'm not doing Dublin this years I'd opt to do another marathon so I've settled on the Medieval Marathon, its in its third year this year and although it only takes place 10miles from where I live I've never taken part in the race.

Although I've not taken part in the race over the past few months I had changed my regular running route in order to allow me wife to drive to work and then I would run into Kilkenny City and collect the car. The route I happened to take for this avoids the main and its a pretty nice route, some of this is incorporated in the marathon route so it should be interesting.

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