Sunday, November 24, 2013

Stook 10mile

After Dublin I figured I was in pretty good shape and since I hadn't ever ran a 10mile race I signed up for the Stook 10mile in Co Kilkenny.

I meant to sign up for this race last year but never got around to it,

I had hoped on hitting a personal best during this run and beating the 1:13 I set in training for running a 10mile, however I was wary that this may not be do-able considering the Stook 10mile had a number of hills including one big hill to climb before mile 8 but I figured I "might" be able to make up for this on the flying mile.

What is the flying mile I hear you ask?

Well, the flying mile is mile 8 - mile 9 during the race that's all down a very steep hill. It even has timing mats at the start and end of the mile so its great fun to see if you can set a fast pace.

Elevation showing climb & flying mile
The only downside about the flying mile is you can't give it everything you got because you still have another mile of running to do to get to the finish line and this includes a slight climb,

Seriously enjoyed 8-9 as I managed a 6min mile (63rd Rank) even with the hill climbing still in the legs. Very well organized and supported race. Not the PB of 1:10 or under I had hoped for but really enjoyed it.

Finish time: 1:13:12 (69th Place)
Garmin log of the run.

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