Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Waterford A/C Half Marathon

After last years PB of 1:37 in Waterford I was aiming to bring it under 1:35 this year and with the better time set in Dublin and the Stook 10mile race a few weeks back I figured I was in decent shape for it. 

So race day arrived and I made the a pretty big mistake, I thought the race started at 12pm so I had planned to arrive down at 11.30am, however I only realized at 9:50 that the race started at 11am so it was a mad rush to get out the door and drive down to Waterford.

I arrived around 11:45 so made very good time thanks to the motorway, I had a good idea of the course this year compared to last years course as I'd already ran some of these routes in Waterford or cycled them over the years.

I was pretty hopeful that I'd get sub 1:35 so I put myself in between the 1:30 and 1:40 pacers and could see the 1:30 pacers up until maybe mile 2-3 so started off at a much faster pace then expected. Legs felt very stiff for the first 4miles or so which was likely due to the lack of warm up and it took awhile for them to relax, once that happened I felt pretty good until around mile 11 when I started to struggle abit...but I kept going as best as I could.

Finished with official chip time of 1:34:43 so thrilled with the improvement over last years PB. now upwards and onwards to sub 1:30 :)

Paces for each mile
Finish time: 1:34:43
Garmin log of the run.

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