Friday, April 11, 2014

Recovery & Plans after Connemara Ultra.....

I got my first run after Conn Ultra on Wednesday by doing a 3mile very easy recovery run at 9:30min pace, legs felt surprisingly good and although I knew I had blisters they didn't hurt so everythings healing up bit by bit.

Next recovery run was on Friday and it was a 4miler at 8:33min pace, in retrospect I regret not doing more and shorter recovery runs during the week to help the legs recover, although I did fit in around 6miles of walking since Monday I don't think this offered the same benefits to me.

So with Connemara Ultra done and dusted I won't be slacking off like I did last year in April/Mayas I'm planning on running the Tullaroan marathon (all going well) in Co Kilkenny on the 19th May and I'm running the Limerick Marathon as a 5hour pacer on the 4th May.

Its now all systems go for the Portumna 100km (62miles) on the 14th June and I'm feeling pretty confident especially after such a good performance in Connemara. My goal is really to just finish the course but I figure I'll finish it in the region of 10-12hours.

For those that aren't familiar with the Portumna course its a 5km looped course which I'll have to do 20 times, as well as a 100km event there is also a 50km, marathon and half marathon race held on the same day....I've previously ran the 50km race twice.

Finally, I came across this photo from the Connemara Ultra startline on the Irish Runner Magazine Facebook page,
Before the start of the Ultra, Photo credit: Dónal Glackin

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