Thursday, April 17, 2014

Time for another marathon...

I've taken it relatively easy this week pace wise, however I've once again started to increase the miles.  This weeks miles consisted of:

- Monday: 10miles at 8:06min/mile pace
- Tuesday: 6.24miles at 7:00min/mile pace
- Wednesday: 4miles at 8:17min/mile pace
- Thursday: 11.20miles Cycling at avg speed 17.7mph

My reason for such a fast pace on Tuesday was I'm taking part in the Callan United FC 10km on Sunday 20th, unfortunately I won't be running it at race pace as I'm running the Tullaroan Marathon on Saturday the 19th so the 10km will likely be at a very handy pace instead of any sort of race pace.  

I find it sort of odd to find myself doing a marathon only two weeks after completing a 39mile race, without a doubt the legs are getting better at recovering the more distance races I've done.

I'm certainly feeling in good shape compared to this time last year and I'm even tempted to try pick a marathon I can get a PB in before the middle of June as suggested to me by Cathal, I'm confident I could manage a sub 3:30 if I tried.

As for this week I won't be aiming for any fast times in Tullaroan on Saturday and I'm planning on maybe 4:30 finish to ensure I get enough time on the legs as I need to get used to spending more time on my legs for the 100km in June.  

As I'm pacing 5hours in the Limerick Marathon this ensures I'll get two marathons done between now and the 10th May which will give me a good amount of time on my feet,

Weekly Total: 20 miles
Miles This Year: 655 miles

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  1. Oh yeah I forgot about the small matter of that 100Km race in June 14th ;-) !!! You are right about getting a few more marathons up on your belt between now and then. Tullaroan, Limerick (hopefully the boredom won't kill you) and a possible attempt on Cork would be as a prep as you can get. Great going Barry.