Thursday, February 19, 2015

Back on the roads....if abit slow

After almost two weeks off running due to being sick and having joint pain I'm now back on the roads, things aren't 100% yet but certainly a vast improvement.

Last week was a week of if' in if I run will I make things worse, if I run anyway faster will it make things worse and so on.   So on that basis I've been taking it pretty easy with some very handy runs during the week and also some rest days with just some walking.

Things are improving thankfully and my left quad isn't as sensitive as it was and overall my joints are feeling better day by day. However I'll need to keep a close eye on things and I can still feel my quad on every run and also this is changing my running style abit which in turn is affecting my right left.

Last weeks runs broke-down as:
- Monday: 4miles @ 9:16min pace
- Tuesday: 3mile walk
- Wednesday: 12miles @ 9.06min pace
- Thursday:5.06miles @ 9.27min pace
- Friday: 5miles @ 9.11min pace
- Saturday:3.12miles @ 10.48min pace
- Sunday:3.69 @ 25.17min pace

Weekly Total: 36 miles
Miles This Year: 254 miles

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