Sunday, August 9, 2015

Back to business as usual

Training for Dublin City Marathon in October is going well, my pace is gradually increasing and although I really dislike doing intervals I'm pushing myself on them and managing 5.30-5.40 pace on many of them...something I'd never managed before.

Doing the intervals is also paying off on my longer runs as I find the effort to start going down to sub 7.20min pace is less and less, so all in all its good. I think this was also evident during the recent Waterfront Ultra as I found it so much easier to do those faster miles for the first 24miles or so.

Of course there's some difference between doing a 3:41 marathon and doing the 3:15 marathon I actually want in October but its still great to see I've had some improvements during the past few weeks and its even better to feel back to normal after Thames Path 100. 

Despite getting sick after it its evident that my recovery after the 100mile race has gone much better then my recovery last year after the 100km in Portumna, but then I did very little running during May and June and this I guess was badly needed as a resting period.

During the week I didn't do a mad amount of miles, but out of the miles I did do I felt good and also did a mix of paces. So for example on Friday when I did 11miles about half of these miles were near or close to 7min/miles.

Last weeks runs broke-down as:
- Sunday: 5.5miles @ 7:05min/pace
- Monday: 11.01miles @ 7:56min/pace
- Tuesday: Rest
- Wednesday: 5.53miles @ 7:57min/pace
- Thursday: Rest
- Friday: 11.01miles @ 7:50min/pace
- Saturday: Rest

Weekly Total: 33 miles
Miles This Year: 1,178 miles

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