Thursday, March 10, 2016

Connemara 100 is Happening!!!

Connemara 100 Route Map
Its finally happened, I've committed to running the Connemara 100 in August of this year.  This is a race I've been hoping to do since I did my first 50km Ultra back in 2012 and I honestly can't wait!

Still have logistical issues of sorting a crew to work  out but other then that I'm very confident that my training will go to plan.

I've not yet sat down to work out a more concrete training plan but I already have a 50mile race at the end of this month and I'm planning a Kilkenny to Waterford and back run sometime in May or June which will total approx 60miles.


  1. Well, congratulations! You're an experienced ultra runner by now, you'll be fine. Just remember that this is a road race and requires your legs to be road ready.

    1. Thanks Thomas, experienced eh? Not sure if I think of myself as that yet :)

      I'll be honest I'm actually looking forward to it being all road, the trail on TP100 killed me so I'm very interested to see how road will go considering that's where i do 95% of my running.