Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Getting back into a routine!

It's been ages and I still have some race reports to post (have to finish them!) but I figured I really need to get back into a routine with this running lark.   The past few weeks I've been fitting back into a morning run routine, its involved getting up at between 5-6am depending on my work start time but I feel better for it so its worth it.

Currently I have no races planned or booked and due to holidays and other commitments September isn't workable so I'm unable to do any of the half-marathons I'd otherwise like to do next month, I also didn't have much luck getting into the Dublin Marathon this year.   But I will still get some very different running in come September so I'm looking forward to that (more to follow on that)

The lack of a more structured running routine and lack of focus due to lack of races is very much missed so I really need to change that, not least because of put on a few lbs which I could do without.

The past few mornings have been fairly good and I even managed a 11mile run, at the weekend to shake things up a a little and to make a change from running on my own I decided to opt to join Kings River A/C on their long run last Saturday, it was certainly enjoyable to run with a group again and to run a route I hadn't done before so I'll likely join them again for future runs.

Last 7 Days Of Runs:
20th August: 8miles @ 7.27min/mile
19th August: 3miles @ 7.59min/mile & 7.4mile cycle
17th August: 11.37miles @ 9.43min/mile
15th August: 11miles @ 7.42min/mile
14th August: 5miles @ 8.40min/mile

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