Thursday, December 8, 2022

Finally recovered

 I've been laid down the last two weeks with a very bad chest infection, between steroids and antibiotics there has been no running of course so this week was a case of starting slow and run by feel.

I did an easy run on Thursday but on Saturday I decided to go on for 10miler and instantly I could feel the bounce in my step again! Throughout the run I felt better then I had during any run since late October so things appear to have turned a corner.

Sunday I decided on a rest day as my legs actually hurt, I guess thats what happens when I don't run for a few weeks so after then it was some easy runs on Monday and Tuesday and my legs started to feel more normal again.

On-top of all the runs I've also been doing my usual trips on the cargobike, while it doesn't give me heaps of exercise due to it being an ebike it still keeps things ticking over.

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