Tuesday, March 7, 2023

When best made plans go to crap - 2023 edition.

 2023 was supposed to be a bit of a comeback year for me, my plan was to take it easy enough until start of January and then go back into training with the aim of a 40mile run in April and a goal of the Wild Atlantic Way 50mile in May.

But it was not meant to be, as I previously posted in December I had been ill in November with a chest infection. That was a breeze to what I had in December/January, as I was off work around three weeks and my overall fitness has taken an awful kicking.

Realistically my ultra plans are scrubbed for certainly the entire first half of 2023, I'd only be doing myself harm at this stage to try go into such a heavy training schedule especially with the fitness loss I've experienced in November, December and January collectively.

I'm slowly trying to rebuild my fitness right now and work at even getting my pace below 8:30min/miles for starters!

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