Friday, October 19, 2012

Last of the long runs

So I'm pretty much as set as I'm ever going to be for the Dublin City Marathon on the 29th October, I've got plenty of 20mile runs in and I've seen a nice improvement in my pace over the past few weeks.

Originally my plan for DCM was to maintain a 5:20min per km pace which would bring me in around the 3:45 mark, at first this was a effort to hit on training runs but in recent weeks and more comfortably hitting the 5:10min per km mark.  Taking into account the improved pace I'm now looking at 3:40 mark but with the adrenalin on the day I should be well into the 3:3X region.

So one long run left this Saturday and then one or two short runs during the week just to keep the legs moving. This is going to be fun!

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