Monday, January 20, 2014

I've joined the club......

Took it very easy this week and kept the miles down, I only did a total of 38miles and the bulk of those came from two runs.  The first of these longer runs was Friday's run which was a 13.1mile run at 8:00min/.mile pace and Sunday's run was a 15mile 7:53mile/pace run.

The week before last I joined Kilkenny City Harriers, I've been meaning to join an athletics club for some time now and finally decided to do it.   I'm hoping this might force me to properly do some speed work and also to push myself abit more with faster paces on runs (I've always found this easier in group runs).

Sunday's run was my first outing with the club, it consisted of loops of the castle park in Kilkenny City on the paths and also on the grass. I must admit I found the grass hard going as I do pretty much 100% of my running on roads.

The clubs run was a 70min run at a 8:00min/mile pace, however I stayed on with the one club member in the group who is training for London.  

In the end I finished up with 15miles at a 7:53min/mile pace, felt pretty good and very happy with the faster pace for this sort of distance as I normally do something in the region of 8:30min/mile plus.

Aiming to up the miles again this week to around 60-65miles.

Weekly Total: 38 miles
Miles This Year: 127 miles


  1. Well done Barry. Joining a running club will only improve your running and running knowledge. It stood to me a while back when I was on a mission training for the Dublin marathon. I usually try to attend at least one session a week and I always come away form it a better runner. The social aspect is a bonus too. You are in great shape at the moment. Get those long training runs/races out of the way in February and you will do very well in the ultra. Hope to see you up there !!!!

  2. Thanks Cathal,
    I'm aiming to try attend two club meets a week if I can and I certainly agree with the social aspect. Good to meet like minded people.

    I need to up the long runs abit as I've not been doing the 20mile+ runs as much as I should have, so thats something I certainly need to watch between now and April.