Monday, January 27, 2014

Its getting easier

Back to 60 miles again this week, overall the week was pretty uneventful.

Saturday & Sundays runs at the end of the week however did involve running in some hailstones on both days.   I missed out on Sunday mornings club meet due to a very late Saturday night so I didn't get to do my Sunday run until late in the evening.

Doing back2back runs is certainly getting easier. Saturdays 13mile run was at just over a 8:00min pace, Sundays 14mile run was around 8:30min pace.  Both days would have been a faster pace only for the weather and the legs didn't feel tired at all.

Finally, I've only ever done one 10 mile run and that was the Stook 10 mile in November so I'm thinking of giving another (less hilly) race a go, so with that in mind I'm think of signing up to Mallow 10mile.

Its far enough out from the Connemara Ultra that I think it shouldn't have too much of an impact, although ideally I should be doing a long run that weekend.   

Weekly Total: 60 miles
Miles This Year: 181 miles

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