Monday, February 10, 2014

and the tapering begins

Its taper week already for Clonakility Back2Back this coming Saturday & Sunday,

Missed out on a 10mile run during the week due to the very stormy weather, also decided against doing the club run on Sunday which means I missed out on my aim to run 60miles as I felt it wouldn't have done me any good considering what I have to do this coming weekend.

I felt the 20miler at 7:55 pace alot more then I expected last week and it wasn't until Tuesday that I was starting to feel right, in retrospect I shouldn't have run such a fast pace so close to Clonakility but abit too late now.

Taking it very easy this week with the plan of doing 3x 3mile runs at a nice easy pace, my aim for next weekend is to run both days with the aim of finishing no more then 4hrs 30min. If however I can finish both days as sub 4 I'll be very happy.

One final thing, based on my training up to now I've revised my goal time for the Connemara Ultra in April to a time of 5hrs 39min, last years time was 6hrs 29min.   This of course is subject to change :)

Weekly Total: 42 miles
Miles This Year: 269 miles


  1. Best of luck in Clon this weekend Barry! Take it conservatively for the first one as it's a hilly course and excessive courage could lead to excessive pain!!

    1. Thanks John, I'm thankful I did the directors run in January so atleast I know what I'm in for and where to take it easy.

      I'm planning on being alot more strict about my pace then I was during the directors run.

  2. Hi Barry. You did well the first day in Clonakilty, probably too well. The second day looked like a tougher affair all the same. Recover and rest well and get back up on the horse soon enough. As for the ultra you will have no problems getting around and am sure you have a great chance of getting under 6 hours. That would be a fantastic achievement, something I love to be able to do.Looking forward to seeing further blog updates. Might see you at the Mallow 10, I will be pacing so do say hello.

    1. Yeah perhaps in hindsight I did do too well on day one and in reality I should have taken it much easier to the point of finishing at 4:15-4:25, it might have made the second day better.

      But then day two could have been better if i hadn't managed to hit my shin the way I did on day one. Guess I won't know on this one unfortunately. :(