Monday, February 24, 2014

Recovering from the Back2Back....

It's been a very low milage week this week due to the problems with my left leg,

It took until Wednesday for my left IT band to start feeling ok again but as I write this now I still have some minor discomfort with my left shin (where the branch hit). Majority of the week was just resting and walks.

For a change on Saturday instead of trying to aim to do a long run I decided on a cycle so I took the roadbike out of the shed where its been sitting since last May, pumped up the tyres and got ready to go.....only to realise the front tyre had gone flat after I had pumped it up!

So after 40min spent changing the tube (its been awhile so I'm out of practice) I finally got out and about and I must say it was a nice change.   It was very easy on the legs and it was lovely to cover so many miles in such short time (12miles in around 40min or so).

Finally, Sunday I decided to go out with the club for a run. The new route for the run is around 5.7km but it was at a fast enough pace (7:40min pace) so I only did two loops and then decided to take it easy in the Castle Park to finish just over 10miles.

Even with the fast miles my left leg is starting to feel ok again so its not been a bad week overall,

Weekly Total: 24 miles
Miles This Year: 359 mile

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