Monday, February 3, 2014

Upping the pace

Dropped the milage down this week, I did intent on doing around 50miles but life got in the way and Saturday's 15mile run was scrapped.

I decided to make up for it on Sunday by doing 20miles and I ended up running with one of the lads from the club at a much faster pace then I'd normally run a 20miler at.

The starter miles were closer to 8:00/8:10 pace however the later miles from 13 onwards increased closer to 7:40 pace making an average pace of 7:55 for the entire run.     I got to admit the pace was a bit of a challenge especially considering this was a faster avg pace then I did in Dublin in October 2013 which was avg of 8:09 overall. 

 To put the above into perspective, I normally run 20mile training runs at closer to a 8:30 - 8:50min pace.     I really enjoyed it though and it was good to get a good measure of my fitness improvements since October.  

Only two weeks to go to Clonakility Back2Back, looking forward to the challenge!

Weekly Total: 43 miles
Miles This Year: 224 miles

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