Monday, May 19, 2014

Change of plans and downtime

The week after Stoneyford 10km I was supposed to be a very very easy week as I had planned on doing the Staplestown 50/50 on the 17th May of which I had planned on the 50mile event, unfortunately other stuff got in the way so I couldn't do the race.  Hopefully I'll manage it next year!

The aim was to use the 50miler as a sort of training prep run for Portumna 100km in mid June to try a few things out, I was going to go out nice and slow and keep a even slow pace.

So as I'm not doing the 50miler I decided on a pretty easy week and got some gardening done instead, so all the onions, spuds, carrots etc are now all planted, finally!

The week consisted of:

- Monday: 3miles @ 8:39min pace
- Tuesday: 5miles @ 8:37min pace
- Wednesday: 5miles @ 7:19min pace + 1.79mile walk
- Thursday: Rest
- Friday: Rest
- Saturday: 15miles @ 8:10min pace
- Sunday: Rest

I took it easy during the start of the week but then decided on a faster 5miler on Wednesday as well as a nice walk with my wife, after that I took two rest days and then headed off to a local wood to clock up 15miles on Saturday.

The 15miles felt great, part of the route I took had some very steep hills and while it was a pain going up them it was great fun running back down so I always had that to look forward to!

The week ahead is going to consist of 15miles a day broken into two runs each day, the aim is to hit between 70-80miles this week and do the same next week as well.

Weekly Total:  30 miles
Miles This Year: 845 miles

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  1. I like the blog Barry. Keep it up. You have some ambitious plans. I recognise you from the Stonyford 10k and the Stook 10 mile in Gowran. I will introduce myself next time I see you. Regards, David A.