Monday, May 5, 2014

Pacing the Limerick Marathon

My foot started to feel better towards the weekend of the 25th/26th April so I decided to get out and about on Sunday and do a 12mile run to see how it would fair, the run was much later in the morning then usual so it was pretty warm but overall it went pretty well and no blister problems so looks like its back to business as usual.

As Sunday went well I decided to up the mileage this week with the aim of finishing in the 50's once I had the Limerick Marathon done,

- Sunday: 12miles @ 8:20min pace
- Monday: 3miles @ 8:46min pace
- Tuesday: 5miles @ 8:47min pace
- Wednesday: 12miles @ 7:40min pace
- Thursday: 5miles @ 8:44min pace
- Friday: Rest
- Saturday: Rest
- Sunday: 26.2miles @ 11.17min pace

Took it easy enough on Monday & Tuesday but decided on a longer faster run on Wednesday and so got out the door at 6am to do a 12mile run, really enjoyed it and it felt like I was back training before Conn Ultra at the end of march.

I ended the week before doing the marathon with another easy 5mile run,

This is the second time I've paced a marathon and also the second time I've paced Limerick 5hours so I had some idea what I was in for this time around. The only real change from last year is I was the only 5hour pacer.

Started off with a small group which quickly broke up with few heading off ahead of me and only around two sticking with me for the most part, one of them finally headed off ahead of me and that left me with one person who pushed on until mile 21 when he unfortunately dropped off.  Unfortunately this meant it was a finish on my own in the end.

Legs were a little tired after the marathon but otherwise felt fine, only took one gel during the run.

On a side note I've gotten myself a pair of new runners, this time they're 10 & half instead of size 10. This was on the suggestions made after the Connemara ultra when I found I had two black toenails.  So I'm hoping the larger size will save my toenais on long distance runs.

Weekly Total:  53 miles
Miles This Year: 760 miles

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