Monday, May 26, 2014

Upping the mileage

So with only a few weeks to go before the 100km I decided that last week and this week are high mileage weeks with the aim of hitting between 70-80 plus miles each week, the plan then is to take two taper weeks before Portumna 100km so I should be well rested.

My way of doing this higher mileage was to split 15miles each day into two runs (Morning & Evening) for 5 days, then take a rest day and get a LSR at the weekend....or atleast that was the plan!

- Monday: 8miles @ 7:52min pace & 7miles @ 7:46min pace
- Tuesday: 5miles @ 8:42min pace & 10miles @ 9:54min pace
- Wednesday: 1.65miles walk
- Thursday: 8miles @ 8:24min pace
- Friday: 10miles @ 7:45min pace
- Saturday: 5miles @ 8:35min pace
- Sunday: 10miles @ 8:46min pace & 4.41mile walk

Monday went fine and I felt great but I very foolishly pushed the pace much more then I should have and as such I suffered on Tuesday, not so much on the first run but very much so on the second run as I just felt I had no energy.

So after Tuesday turning into a little bit of a mess I decided to take Wednesday off as a rest day, on Thursday I felt a little bit more back to form and managed a nice comfortable 8miles in the morning but I didn't manage to fit in a second run due to other commitments.

Friday was supposed to be a rest day when I started off this week but instead I decided on a faster 10miler in the evening, Saturday was a nice easy 5mile and an easy 10miler on Sunday as well.  Overall the week went well enough but I was more tired then I thought I'd be.

Mileage should be around the same this coming week and I'll also have a marathon to do during the weekend.

Oh and finally I've reached 900miles, only 100miles to go and I'll have hit my first milestone of this year of 1000miles....almost 70 days ahead of when I hit 1000miles last year.

Weekly Total:  69 miles
Miles This Year: 906 miles

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