Thursday, June 26, 2014

Getting back into training.....

So after a full week of rest with only 16miles of cycling and abit of walking I felt my left foot was well enough to start running again.

First run of the week was a nice easy 3mile run during which although I could still feel the remains of the blister on my foot I felt no other ache, niggle or anything else odd in any muscles so that's very much a good sign :)

Tuesday's first run was a easy enough morning run and then a second much faster 7:34 min pace, found this abit of a challenge as I'm not used to the warm weather when running since I do my running in the morning rather then the evening.

Wednesday was a nice easy 3mile run, Thursday was a faster 8mile morning run.

I did find the legs abit tired on Wednesday & Thursday, this was likely down to me pushing the pace abit on Tuesday during the 8mile run...perhaps a case of too much too soon after the 100km and the week off running.

- Monday: 3miles @ 8:06min pace
- Tuesday: 3miles @ 7:54min pace & 8miles @ 7:34min pace
- Wednesday: 3.50miles @ 9:03min pace
- Thursday: 8miles @ 7:48min pace

I must work on a more structured training plan overt the next while so as to ensure I work on improving speed.  Suggestions welcome for anyone that wants to leave a comment :)

Finally, I was looking over my Garmin Goals during the week and realized that in the end I'm looking to improve basically five of my current times by the end of the year. So next time I post these there should be some changes.

Weekly Total:  26 miles
Miles This Year: 1085 miles 

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