Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Planning on doing my first 100 mile run!

So during the week I noticed there was alot of talk about the Thames Path 100 in the UK which is on in May 2015 and after some encouragement I decided I'd bite the bullet and I sign up.

For sometime I've wanted to do a 100miler but there's a distinct lack of them in Ireland outside of the Connemara 100 which is on this weekend in Co Galway.     Unfortunately I'm not in a position to take part in it this year due to other commitment and I also don't think I have adequate training done for it either so it wouldn't be an option until August 2015.

The downside is while Connemara is a beautiful part of the country the Connemara 100 is also a very hilly course so it certainly would be a very challenging first 100mile event to take part in hence my reason for opting for the Thames Path 100 instead.

The Thames Path is from London to Oxford in May 2015 and it follows the route of the river Thames, overall elation is no more then 900 feet so its basically flat the entire way......which should help!

Its a long way off yet but I can't wait and it should be some experience :)

On a side note I must say huge amount of respect to Aoife O'Donnell who is taking part in the Connemara 100 this weekend, last month she became the first Irish women to finish the Badwater 135 in Death Valley. Seriously impressed that so soon after she's going to run Connemara 100.   

Her race report
from the Badwater 135 is available on her blog, it's well worth a read.

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