Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Running around Majorca....

The blog has been quiet the last few weeks as I've been on holidays in Majorca and also been very busy car hunting as the car broke down on the way home from the airport.     None the less Majorca was a nice bit of rest and relaxation but that still didn't stop me getting some runs in! :)

I'm not one for running in the heat, hell I'd rather run in snow and ice in the dead of winter then a warm summer day but I still gave running in Majorca a good go both by running in the evening and at sunrise in the morning (running in the morning is a very mixed bag).

For the two weeks I was staying I managed a run Port De Pollenca which is a straight enough run on a flat main road but it gets sort of boring so to shake things up abit I decided I'd mix in some hills and instead take in one of the coast roads that started near the hotel.

Boring road to Port De Pollenca
When I first started off on the coast road I could see what looked like a light house around 6-7miles off in the distance however I later found out this was inside of a military area which was restricted and I couldn't get past the gates so I never did managed to run to the light house like I had originally planned...shame.

I'm going to climb that mountain!
So instead I decided to head up one of the mountain and see what the route was like....it was very steep but it had some cracking views!

Over the two weeks I did abit of running on the coast road and also tackled the mountain a few more times, during the last run before we left I met some local runners going up the trails and they made the whole thing look so so easy as they stormed up the trails.

view from near the top of the mountain..
Mountain Elevation
Overall it was a nice break and as well as getting in some miles on the coast I also got in some miles kayaking which was great fun, nice to be back home with the cooler weather though :)

Now back into training as I have the Clonmel Half Marathon on the 17th August,

Miles This Year: 1223 miles

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