Monday, January 26, 2015

First 30mile training run...

No blog post last Monday for the week before as I had little to report running wise as it was a easy week with just 4 runs and although one of them was 25miles on Sunday most of the week was spent not running at all due far more important commitments I had to attend during the week.

However last week was alot more active running wise as it was a harder training week and I've finally run my first 30mile run of my new training season!  These weren't fast training miles by any means but they were still miles in the legs and I can definitely say that the miles get easier as they are added up.

Given the 30mile run was on Thursday and I had done a 25mile run on the Sunday previously I felt pretty good....even if the conditions for the 30mile were far from ideal with freezing fog.

Fog over the distance mountains
Running like this is sort of odd, at first I find it hard but then as the weeks go on the miles just feel easier and easier and that's especially noticeable when I do a 20 or 25mile run and the next time I do 8 or 10miles, where as before I would have needed a rest day.

Still, I'm cautious about running myself down and hence why I'm alternating easier and harder weeks like I am. I suppose two harder weeks followed by an easier week might be better and thats something I might look at as the months roll on.

One thing I'm finding kind of hard is the very early starts on my days off for the 20-30mile runs, for example my 30mile run began at 6.30am just so it wouldn't eat up my entire day off.

I did experience one problem after the 30mile run on Thursday, my left knee started to bother me. Not so much when walking but more so when sitting. So thats something I'll have to keep an eye on.

Finally, I wasn't feeling the best on Saturday and Sunday so I took them as rest days.

Last weeks runs broke-down as:
- Monday: 8miles @8:19min pace
- Tuesday: 10miles @8:16min pace
- Wednesday: 10miles @ 8:42min pace
- Thursday: 30miles @ 10.58min pace
- Friday: 5miles @ 11.13min pace
- Saturday: Rest
- Sunday: Rest

Weekly Total: 65 miles
Miles This Year: 205 miles

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