Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Midweek long runs

My aim last week was to hit between 70-80miles and then alternative between a harder week and a slightly easier week.  My way of upping the miles last week was to do 10miles each day with the exception of one 20mile run on Thursday.

These runs went fine for the most part except for Wednesday where I opted for 5miles because of the weather and because I was wary of the 20mile run the next day, on Thursday I experienced chaffing when running for the last 10miles!

I'll be honest, this wasn't pleasant and its must unusual as I rarely experience chaffing,  because I was 10miles from home with nothing to apply to stop the chaffing. Fun times!          This could have been avoided because I did actually bring my ultimate direction backpack for this run so I must throw stuff into one of the pockets to make sure this doesn't happen again in future.

On Friday I was perhaps being optimistic as I went out the door to do a 6-7mile run, however just after a mile in I decided to head back home as the chaffing had started off again and it was very uncomfortable (despite me applying lots of stuff to stop it!). All in all its very frustrating!

So after the chaffing problems I took Saturday as a rest day in the hope everything would heal up abit and on Sunday I headed out for another 20mile run to make up for the lost miles on Friday & Saturday. This time things went much better and throughout the entire run I felt just fine.

Overall I'm happy with last weeks training and looking forward to upping the miles as the weeks go on.

Last weeks runs broke-down as:
- Monday: 10miles @ 8:24min pace
- Tuesday: 10miles @ 8:44min pace
- Wednesday: 5miles @ 9:01min pace
- Thursday: 20miles @ 9.10min pace @ 2.81miles walking recovery
- Friday: 2miles @ 11:55min pace
- Saturday:Rest
- Sunday:20miles @ 9:20min pace

Weekly Total: 70 miles
Miles This Year: 90 miles

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