Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Final Countdown....

Oh crap!
In less than 48hours to go and I'll be starting my first 100mile race!

I've finished my tapering as I ran my very last easy 2mile run yesterday morning before work and now its all systems go.

Almost everything is prepared, I've worked out more or less whats going into drop bags (mile 51 and mile 71), I've worked out what I'll be carrying and I've worked out what I "think" I need to stay warm throughout the night.

Of course trying to work out what I'll need to keep warm during the night is abit of a pain, two weeks ago I would have said I'd be fine. But with frost etc lately it could potentially get pretty cold so I've pulled out my Waterford Half Marathon woolly hat to be on the safe side. (this hardly ever gets used)

Months of training have come down to this and I'm sure I can pull it off, I felt comfortable during the Vartry 50mile a few weeks back and on a flatter course I'm sure I can keep up the pace to reach my goals for this race.


Miles This Year: 730 miles

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