Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Tullaroan Marathon Race Report 2015

As a last minute decision last week I opted to take part in the Tullaroan Marathon, partially because its the nearest marathon to where I live and I want to make sure to support it and partially because I just wanted to do some long'ish miles at a leisurely pace and see how my body is since the Thames Path 100.

This is the second year that the marathon is being held in Tullaroan and as well as hosting a marathon they also hosted a 5km, 10km and a half marathon. All in all its well organised and its great to see so many races being available to people of all abilities.   Its a credit to all involved.

The marathon course is pretty straight forward as its 13.1mile loop, but it has plenty of hills on it to test you none the less. 

Elevation Profile

My rough plan was just to head out and take it pretty easy for the day, walking some of the hills and to just chat away for the way this was going to be very far from a race and my rough plan was to finish between 4:30-5:00hours.

JP & Myself
The morning didn't have a great start though as I headed out the door at 8:20am on Saturday and went to start the car and found the battery was flat.   I realised I didn't close the boot properly the night before (doh!).

A quick job with the jump leads from the other car and everything was sorted but the clocking was ticking away.

I made good time to start and met up with JP, Nicola and the lads. this time round only JP was running the marathon and he had roughly the same plan as myself so we headed out from the start together.

I must say that the first mile or two were abit challenging!  Not because of the hills though, but because I had spent the previous 3 days painting fences which involved standing up and kneeling down which caused abit of discomfort in my legs when going down stairs etc afterwards.   This also meant my legs didn't like the idea of running for the first few miles.

Eventually however they settled down and I could start to run along at an easy pace without any discomfort.   We ticked through the miles at a handy pace and basically spent the time talking about everything and anything.

As the miles ticked down to the finished we past a few people but continued to take it pretty easy by walking some of the hills, but for the last mile - mile half we kept up the running pace to finish in 4:33:06.

Overall I'm happy with how things went, it wasn't a race to me as I just wanted to stretch the legs for a few hours. I found afterwards that the legs were abit sore but by the next day they were fine.   

I feel that the body is bit by bit getting back to normality after Thames Path and being sick, its not 100% yet though.

Miles This Year: 890 miles


  1. Good man - ya nut ;-) Fess up and admit your are in training for the Dublin City marathon. Hope it goes well for you over next few weeks. Great endurance

    1. Certainly not in training, but I do want to maintain fitness and endurance. Taking it easy until July and then its time training for a sub 3:15....provided I feel ok.