Thursday, June 4, 2015

It's time to start planning for Dublin

So, I've been thinking. What do I want to achieve out of Dublin this year...after all one way or another I'll be running it. (yes Cathal, I’m going to be training for Dublin)
Well, after abit of thought I've decided I'm going to try aim for sub 3.15 this year.

I figure its pretty do-able as I've managed a 1.31 half marathon in the Waterford half in December and I have the endurance built from Ultrarunning.

This means that I just need to work on speed work for the next few months as I'm my previous marathon PB is from 2013 and that was only 3:33.

Speed work however has never been my strong point, I've never enjoyed it much and I find it hard to do when running on my own when compared to running with a group of people.

Ironically though, anytime I have actually done speed work I've always noticed some improvements in pace so I certainly do benefit from it. Noticeably so in my past experience.

So with that in mind now I need to work on a training plan with the aim of starting into training in July, this will give me 12 weeks before Dublin Marathon.  Until July I'm taking it relatively easy and I'll just tick away at the miles.

Anyone suggest any good training plans with this time in mind?
Miles This Year: 895 miles

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  1. You could try looking at pete pfitzinger plans- a tempo run every two weeks plus marathon paced runs every 4 weeks or so with intervals the last 4 weeks. ease into it