Monday, June 22, 2015

Still taking it easy

Only a few runs lately but they are starting to feel easier, so recovery is getting there bit by bit, I even
First time trying Montrail..
had a run this morning with some sub 6:50min miles.

I received two new pairs of runners last week, one for trail (Montrail Rogue Racer) and another for road ( Saucony Phoenix 7).

I was in very bad need of replacing the road shoes as the last pair had 1200+ miles in them at this stage.   I opted for new trail shoes because they were cheap and also I wanted a lighter non-gortex pair of trail shoes.

Why did I want non-gortex? Well, Thomas was right about encountering problems with them. While the first pair of trail shoes I bought are great for running through low streams, puddles etc.      Once water gets into doesn't get out!  This can be seriously annoying if water gets into them early on in a run and you have miles and miles to go.

Last week I also picked up my first peice of running related stuff that I'm going to put on the wall in my house, I decided as Thames Path 100 was my first 100mile race that I'd frame the route map/t-shirt, race number and include the event and finish time on it.  Its due to take pride of place in my office at home.

Miles This Year: 959 miles

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