Monday, March 3, 2014

Lets run to Waterford City....

For this week I decided it was time to up the miles again with the aim of also fitting in a nice slow 30mile run.

I started the week off with 5miles at a 7:16 pace on Monday, Tuesday with 10miles at a much easier 8:36 pace, Wednesday with another 5mile at a 7:32 pace and finally Thursday with anther 5mile at 7:44 pace.

I took Friday as a rest day but headed out for my usual run on Saturday in Kilkenny, I only met up with one of the lads who is running Ballycotton next week so he wanted a faster pace. We end up running 12miles at a 7:29 pace.     I actually joked to him I was looking forward to running a much slower pace on Sunday......even if it was 30miles.

The 30mile route I decided to run on Sunday was a route I've been wanting to run for a few years now, it's the 30mile distance between where I live and Waterford City.   So with that in mind I set off at 6am with the idea and that run would take me around 5hrs at a nice easy pace.

Nobody around but me

Before the dark clouds rolled in

Despite a lovely sun rise the rain and wind started at mile 15 for the first time and stopped again perhaps a mile or two later, however it kicked off again around mile 24 and only got worse after that.

I made it to the Rice Bridge in Waterford and then double backed a mile to get a lift from my wife in the car, all in all I enjoyed the run but I started to get very cold after mile 27 as I was soaked through due to the rain and my hands were freezing.

Considering I had run 12 miles at a 7:29 pace the day before doing a 30mile run I think I got on just fine.

Weekly Total: 67 miles
Miles This Year: 421 mile

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