Wednesday, January 8, 2020

A little bit of catching up!

A little bit of catching up to do on the events I've done since mid-November, so here goes.....

Stook 10mile:
Stook 10mile took place on the 17th November and I had planned to take the race relatively easy with the exception of the flying mile from mile 8-9.  I came in 54th with a time of 01:11:49 and finished the flying mile in 31st with a respectable time of 5:45.

Overall for a race where I didn't push things too much I was happy with the results.

SEMRA Long Way Round Mountain Run
Courtesy of South Eastern Mountain Rescue Association

The Long Way Round Mountain Run took place on the 23rd November and for a change, the course is a trail up the mountains near Clonmel. 

The run was a social run with a group of local trail runners so for pretty much all of the race we stuck together as a group.

For a social run, I came in 46th in a time of 1:25:30 which isn't bad considering I'm not as used to trail runs when compared to the road...they are ultimately harder!

Waterford Half Marathon:
The Waterford Half-Marathon took place on the 7th December and it was the last race of 2019 for me.

I always enjoy the Waterford half and I generally pull a decent enough time out of the bag from it, I've even set a few personal bests over the years.   Unforurntaly there were some last-minute changes with the planned course due to road works and this made for a much harder course especially in the last 3miles or so.

While I did head out with the 1:30 pacers and had sceptically planned for a new PB I dropped off the pacer group after around mile 9 and found the last few miles hard going. However, all in all I finished the half-marathon in 1:33:58
Not the PB I had hoped for but overall not a bad result considering the lack of specific training AND the harder course then expected.

Over the last few weeks, I've done some trail running up Slievenamon and kept up a decent amount of running around the Christmas period including 2x 20mile plus runs. 

After Christmas, I caught the bug that's going around which wiped out about 10 days of decent running,

So tomorrow I will be taking part in the Moonlight Marathon which kicks off at 9pm, I hope to be finished around the 5hr mark all going well.    I'd rather not be out all night after all :)

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