Monday, March 24, 2014

Mallow 10 Mile Race

Last week was the start of my tapering for the Connemara Ultra on the 6th April, even so I decided to do the Mallow 10mile race on Sunday.

Its only my second 10mile race with my last being the Stook 10 miler in November, when I ran Stook I wasn't expecting a PB and I experienced no surprises as I finished in 73min which just happened to be the same time I've also managed during training runs so nothing great.

Before taking on the Mallow 10mile race I took it very easy this week as I could still feel the 70miles from the week before still in the legs, so my runs for the week consisted of:

Tuesday: 4miles/avg pace 7:53
Wednesday: 6miles/avg pace 8:26
Friday: 3miles/avg pace 8:01

On Sunday of course I had the Mallow 10mile race and while I wanted a sub 70 I wasn't prepared to really push myself too much as I'm mindful of my next race in April, so with that in mind I sat myself in behind the 70min pacers.

Staying with the 70min pacers worked for about the first two miles, at which point the crowding around the pacers started to annoy me so I headed out in front. For the first 4miles I took advantage of the slight downhill and I managed to hit the 5mile mark around 34:40sec.

At around mile 7 I started to struggle a little and it was around this time that two people from Waterford A/C passed me and I upped the pace abit and tried to stay with them for awhile, I eventually lost them around 700metres from the finish

Credit Doug Minihane

I found the last mile to the finish a bit of a challenge but then I still managed it in 6:44min/pace so I knew I'd have a very comfortable sub 70 finish, I finally crossed the line in 69:20 so very happy with the result.

Overall a very well organised event and I enjoyed the challenge, I'll try make it back next year for a re-match :)

Weekly Total: 27 miles
Miles This Year: 539 miles


  1. Well done. A great time. Getting under 70 in a 10 mile race is a excellent result- it took me 3 years to do it. I would have loved to have raced it myself as I fancied my chances but not to be. Hopefully next year. Things are looking really good for you in Connemara. A sub 6 time is well within you.

    1. I likely pushed myself harder then I should have in order to get the result but still I just wanted to finally get sub70 after a failed attempt in 2013.

      Feeling pretty confident for Conn Ultra, should be def on for sub6 with the ultimate goal of 5:40 or lower...we'll see what the day brings though.

      Be good to say you at the start time for the Ultra next year, your well able for it.