Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The last great push

So that's it, I'm now officially tapering for Connemara Ultra on the 6th April,

Last week I wanted to do one last week of high milage and then drop down the milage for the next three weeks so I'm well rested, so with that in mind my runs this week consisted of:

- Monday: 12miles
- Tuesday: 8miles
- Wednesday: 12miles
- Thursday: 8miles
- Friday: 20miles
- Saturday: Rest
- Sunday: 10miles

Monday's Run
Monday's run started off well enough with the aim of keeping a 7:30 pace and all was going well until I met the wall of mist about 2miles in, the visibility dropped to about 200metres or less at times,

Ordinarily I might have turned back and gone a different route, thing is I knew that if I kept going the return 6miler would be a much safer road with no cars on it, I just had to get to the turnaround point first.

The visibility had reduced to about 100metres by the time I hit 5miles and just seemed to get worse. I'm sure any motorists I met thought I had some sort of death-wish running towards them with such poor visibility.  (I did have a headtorch and stuff though....)

Tuesday was a much slower run at 8:01 and was pretty uneventful.

Wednesday again was another 12 miler, mist made another come back but no where near as bad as on Monday. It was also the first time in a very very long time that I had a motorist beep at me.   I can only assume I sort of scared them (perhaps they were half asleeep?) as I was in the hard shoulder and wasn't a danger to them in anyway.

Thursday's run was another uneventful run but this time I decided to drop down the pace to 9:00 miles as I was wary I had 20 miles to run the next morning,

Friday's run was a very early start and unfortunately the mist from earlier in the week was back with a vengeance which meant I'd have to stick close to town, so I ended up doing 15miles by doing loops of the town. Due to time restraints I had to do the remaining 5miles after work.

Finally my last run of the week to make 70miles was a 10mile run on Sunday, I broke this into two runs of 5miles the first being faster then the other.  It actually felt surprisingly easy.
Faster 5miles

Slower 5miles
All the mid-week day runs were done in the morning before work, Friday's one was a killer getting out the door around 5am!

Overall its been a very good training week and I feel I'm in good shape :)

Weekly Total: 70 miles
Miles This Year: 516 miles

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