Monday, March 10, 2014

Nice to run new roads

Very easy week of running with some rest days as took longer for legs to recover after the 30miler to Waterford and also have a blister from all the rain during that run which just seems to be taking its time healing up.

On Friday I decided to try out a new running route, its a 12mile loop, 6miles on a busy enough road and 6miles on a road with no traffic.   It worked out well and I encountered no dogs (always a plus!).

Only downside of the new route is its all relatively flat!

Half of this new route goes into Co Tipperary and without a doubt the road quality massively goes down hill on this portion of the loop as 3miles of it are on a back road which must have a good few thousand pot holes.  

However, once I cross back into Co Kilkenny on the same road all the potholes disappear straight away.     Overall it was a good route and I plan to make it a once or twice weekly route from now on.

Didn't manage any runs at the weekend due to other commitments,

Weekly Total: 21 miles
Miles This Year: 442 mile

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